Accord Structures
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We Are In The Business Of Providing Solutions


We strive to be leaders in the construction industry by supplying full-service, single-source contracting and solutions to our clients.


Provide clients with a professional and transparent collaborative team approach.

Accord Meaning

1. to be consistent in harmony

2. balanced interrelationship

3. a formal agreement or treaty

Who we are

After years of working side by side on several projects, key members from each of the founding companies assembled to discuss efficiency. The concept was to create a single-source contract management system to ease operational processes both on and off-site. Invested parties gathered to strategized procedures and logistics, which led to the birth of Accord Structures.

What we do

Accord Structures provides contract management for a group of qualified construction companies across North America. Our goal is to provide whole building simplicity through offering single-source contracting and management to our clients.

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